21 July 2005

Studying colleges: Tax raids show the way

Less than a week ago(16 July) , this blog had called for a hard look at the education sector, which seems to be concealing some scams and atrocities. Now comes the news of income-tax raids on Maharashtra's engineering colleges. It is only a question of time before other states will see similar action. The Times of India recently carried a nice story on how the same management was running 3 or 4 colleges from the same building in Karnataka. State-level politicians are big operators in the game which the media has not done justice to. Like stock scams and irregularities in non-banking financial companies and cooperative banks, educational scandals are happening, under the cloak of giving employment opportunities to youths ( a favourite political cliche).
Pertinent questions: What kind of faculties do these mushrooming engineering/medical/dental colleges have? What kind of teaching do they do? How much do the teachers earn--especially in comparison to the fees charged?
Young journalists can mine this sector.

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