8 July 2009

The Printed Blog R.I.P.

It was touted as a great idea.
Print blogs. Sell them.
They didn't.
Here is the story.

But publishing is not over yet, either in print or online. I believe bloggers often confuse venting and airing of views with meaningful content. Publishing is about getting the focus right.
Truman Capote once ended a book review, saying, "That's not writing, that's typing.
I want to paraphrase that. "Don't confuse printing with publishing."

6 July 2009

Online ad revenues zoom on....

Despite the recession, digital advertising is growing robustly--and in fact more so as advertisers find it sensible in getting the right bang for buck, says Zenith Optimedia. Here is a report.

5 July 2009

Is your newsroom ready for the future?

Here is a video from a panel discussion involving the Reuters editor-in-chief and other leading lights. I haven't watched it, but can ask a cheeky question. In the 21st Century, will people have the time and inclination to watch leisurely panel discussions?