25 July 2005

Dilruba Dubaiwalli: Damp Squib in the desert

There I was, rubbing my hands in glee, looking forward to some great stuff from Dubai.
Mahrukh the girl wed Junaid the boy, and India's Most Wanted Dawood Ibrahim became father-in-law, hitching his bhai khandaan to one of cricket's glorious subcontinent icons, Javed Miandad.
So I thought I would get some crime, diplomacy, wedding details.
But, as they say in Hindi, it was taaain,taain, phissss. (We must get that expression to the OED, one of these days).
I saw many on-the-spot reporters, and the blokes from Aajtak and NDTV stood out. I am not talking about their performance, but the fact that all they seemed to do was stand outside the hotel where the action was. NDTV managed to get the Indian ambassador to the UAE say predictable things. And that passed for the exclusive justify-the-travel-bill bit.
If anyone of you saw or heard anything hot on the following, please post me:
--Failure of Indian diplomacy in making the event a failure and/or catching the man
--The food on the menu, not broadbrush, but real detail
--The dresses worn by guests
--Why reporters could not walk in as hotel guests and just eat to get a story.
Even meaningful street-quotes went a-missing.
The bhai still rules, it seems.

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