15 July 2005

Is Salman Khan A (Drunken!) Double Agent?

The media pounced on the Bollywood Underworld tapes (Yawwwwn! Haven't we heard them before?) after Hindustan Times made a grand entry into the Bombay market. Though one has not seen all the media coverage, a quick look at TV channels and newspapers left one wondering what value they tried to add to the story.
Salman Khan threatening former MissWorld Aishwarya Rai on an alleged police tape is great stuff, of course, but surely a bit of closer examination was called for.
The Hindu mentioned Ms Rai suggesting Salman Khan was drunk, which seemed in order.
He probably was drunk if the tape was true and his voice was any indication. More than that, no newspaper or channel we came across seemed to mention the biggest hole in the tape: That Khan claimed proximity to both Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan, whose fallout and rivalry has even inspired a Bollywood movie, Ram Gopal Varma's "Company".
If the tape was true, and Salman was talking sense, he would be a double agent, like some were during the Cold War rivalry between the KGB and CIA.
If not, as is likely, Sallu Dear was deadly drunk and was an on bragging spree in keeping with his eminently adolescent character.
Or, are we to believe that mergers and acquistions have come to Bombay Underworld, Inc.?

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