26 July 2005

Sex And Sports:Endomorphinus Interruptus?

Channel 7 on Monday featured Ajay Jadeja, he of the wicked grin and match-fixing-tainted career, hold forth on the subject of Sex And The Sportsman. It was all about Aussie coach Greg Chappell's plans for the Indian cricket team, and whether sex is good or bad for sport. Ah, I love that topic as a debating proposition (no pun intended), but caught only two minutes of it.
The anchorwoman, with a smile that nearly looked sly, wondered if the players got vital endomorphins by way of escapades on the Night Before The Big Game.
Good question, no easy answer.
More important, it shows even Hindi channels addressing seedhey-pallu-wali aunties in the Semi-Dehat are asking naughty questions at Prime Time. This prude is somewhat scandalised!

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