27 July 2005

The Horseshoe Syndrome

The Indian Express has an interesting human interest story in its Bangalore edition about a woman who faked her own death to elude her husband, with the knowledge of her daughters. The woman has returned after 7 years in hiding. The story says the woman "disappeared" on an outing to a waterfall with the family--without him in tow. Family members informed the man that his wife was dead, and he even performed her last rites before becoming suspicious. She has now re-appeared, lives with her daughters and wants to file for divorce.
Great story, I thought. But it is simply not clear why she left him.
The story mentions how the woman's disappearance was like the Hollywood movie, "Sleeping With The Enemy" in which the main character (played by Julia Roberts) escapes the "clutches of her possessive but tormenting (sic!) husband".
The story does not say how this man was similar! There are pictures of the woman, her daughters and her husband, and quotes from both sides. Still that does not answer the basic question: What was his fault? Did he drink? Did he beat her up? Did he ask for dowry?
Also the story keeps oscillating between the past tense (the way a news story is told), and the present tense (the way drawing room anecdotes are recited). It mentions the name of "Vivekananda Kendra at Jigani in Anekal Taluk" where she stayed. Do we really want to know if she also had idli for breakfast?
The newsdesk, it seems, was snoring.
Sometimes, wonderful, slogged-out stories get lost for want of a vital detail--which should be easily available. A bit like the kingdom being lost for want of a horseshoe.


Anonymous said...

him in tow and NOT toe...

Indian Media Notes said...

oops! I must be aging, thanks much! That's call selling coal to Newcastle. Well sold!

Bharat said...

Read the real story-