7 July 2005

Blogging On Blogs

I wonder what are the limits of the blog! I think content will determine the future. Some, like management guru Tom Peters, have power blogs (http://www.tompeters.com) that help in driving business. But I don't see blogs making money until they come up with ideas to identify great bloggers who are useful to readers. I am sure it is happening/will happen, somewhere. In general, blogs are likely to stay self-centred, glorified diaries-on-the-web with a total readership of One in most part. It can help small groups to stay in touch on niche topics or projects. If the stuff is really gee-whiz, the mass media will pick it up. The challenge would be for PR and journo folks, who will have to slog to find meaningful needles in a cybernetic haystack. Automation helps..but how far really can glorified keywords go?
I hope good writers and editors will be in demand, for genuine reasons. I don't know if that is a prediction, or wishful thinking.

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