22 July 2005

Media fellowships, anyone?

The Centre for Science and Environment invites applications for its fifth media fellowship on "Mining, Environment and People's Protests." The title is self-evident, and I have a letter from the organisation asking me to recommend a colleague for the fellowship which would enable the person to travel to remote places, research and unearth new facts.
Interested people may check out http://www.cseindia.org.
I find the idea of fellowships interesting as publishers don't want to spend money on this kind of stuff. But the trouble with this kind of "sustainable development" journalism is that a lot of it ends up enlightening the already informed. Is there a way to get this to a wider audience and in an interesting way, without harangues or tear-jerking stuff that few will read?
The letter does not talk money. I hope/presume it is enough.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hope so too. Another reason why regular working hacks (apart from those wanting to juice up their CVs for a 'proper' fellowship) generally end up not following up these 'opportunities' is that their employers do not generally let them do it on their time - most Indian media houses do not believe in paid sabbaticals. The point of such programmes (I presume) is to sensitise mainstream hacks