10 July 2005

An Aussie gangsta in Bollywood Underbelly

Good journalism is like falling in love. It can happen anytime, anywhere. And in the least expected of places.
This Saturday night, my idle surfing brought me to a spot known more for shallow people mouthing what they call "attitude". I am talking of Zoom, our own TV version of Page 3 parties.
But it takes a Pooja Bhatt to bring out great minds....after all she has the right genes, among other things.
Pooja B interviewed Gregory Roberts, the author of Shantaram, a book on his own journeys now being made into a Hollywood movie.
Now, Greg B has peddled drugs on the streets of Bombay, before the city became Mumbai and he became a reformed criminal..an Australian Gangster Yogi of sorts. He was part of the underworld, and his work of faction, said to be 900 -odd pages ( I haven't read it, and I suspect the weight would put off most) is making waves as a work of literature-meets-pulpfiction-meets-philosophy. Part fact, part fiction, but all true, as it were.
The presence of Rahul Bose and Chunky Pandey, articulate, intelligent and dripping humour, completed a sumptous chat show.
Where else can you find an Aussie gangsta who talks of Moby Dick and admires Bollywood movies?
I don't know if other channels/journals have done justice to Greg Roberts, but Zoom and Pooja B certainly did!

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