2 November 2006

Here's How Internet Will Funk Out TV

Launch a channel of your own, for free! Syndicate your content anywhere! Get paid for ads! Things are changing fast, fast really fast...helping a lot of the old entries on this blog get a whole load of new meaning.

Check out:



17 October 2006

Why This Blog Says: "See, I told you!"

It has been a while since this blog was updated, and it has been visited even less. Much water has flown under various bridges since then, but nevertheless, here are some links that justify the title above. For further insights, read the older items on convergence, television, future of the digital media etc in this very blog.




6 May 2006

Prime-Time Nears End

For those who missed or shrugged off my earlier posts on the coming end of Prime Time, here is another bit of evidence. Convergence is so interesting, that it is happening in India, and in that, Microsoft is doing what a media company would be expected to do.


(You can click on the title for the link.

20 March 2006

Murdoch on the Future of Media

Visionary article.


28 February 2006

Bah-bah-blog vs Babalog: Storm in a TV-Cup

I write this after a two-month-long hibernation, after seeing a hot new blog featuring inside bitching and gossip on India's English language TV news channels....by and large this seems to be some slanging match between CNN-IBN and NDTV, with have-beens, wannabes and anonymous bystanders providing some fine amusement. Check this out:
It is essentially a storm in a teacup involving an incestuous minority of TV journos....in a nation of one billion people, they are a small number and talk to a small number, but there is a lot of good writing and criticism mixing with plain ole bitching, point-scoring and subtle lobbying on the blog. There is some people-like-us charm in all this.
The implications of this blog--which some argue is a spin promotion for a newbie channel--are enormous. Irrespective of who does it and what it carries, the blog shows what kind of criticism journalists and media barons will have to face in the coming days. There is a huge peer-to-peer commenting that is replacing old boss-speak, and insecurities are a part of the life in which stress hormones would have been better spent on sources and issues.
They are not discussing TRPs the way they should be....only goes to show that journos, when the cows come home, prefer mutual bitchery to objective analysis of their work. We need a third umpire on this one.
Show me the numbers, dude!