16 July 2005

Exclusive Story vs Exclusive Access

TOI has an exclusive interview with Salman Khan. Yipppeee! HT, go eat your hawkers! DNA, put on your blue genes!
Excuse me, but what was so exclusive?
This Khan bloke took the chance to take a swipe at the media, and did not seem to clearly confirm or deny that he was indeed the voice on the tape featuring Aishwarya Rai and mentions of underworld dons. He did not say: "That was not me speaking." Instead he said he could not recognise the voice, which sounded like that of a drunken man.
So Sallu is not denying enough, it seems.
On the other hand, the self-same TOI has on its colour pullout a fascinating story by Bhupen Patel on how the crime branch had warned Aishwarya to stay off the Khan, meeting her in a Bandra hotel before The Hunk and The Angel fell out with their warts showing.
Wow! That IS interesting.
And that's what we call an exclusive story! Front page candidate. On the same TOI.
If somebody gives you access to talk, and repeats pretty much what his lawyer said the previous day, is that an exlusive story? We are not sure.
An exclusive story is about stuff others really have not heard of.


uma said...


Indian Media Notes said...

What is that supposed to mean? You agree or don't?

DK said...

Dnt understand WHY Peepli news channels want to write the word exclusive when it means, to the exclusion of others.