27 October 2008

When it is your NGO, and our content...

What happens when one of the country's biggest firebrand social-environmental activists is accused of copyright violation? Sunita Narain is in a spot because her organisation seems to have merrily used content from Mint newspaper without permission.
Here is what the managing editor says in his blog.

Takes me back to that old expression of mine: Loser Generated Content.

Anybody who thinks content is free or should be, is a saint (which I think I am not), or making good money elsewhere and treats knowledge as charity.
It's time quality content producers become aware of their rights.

20 October 2008

The Net Is No Family Breaker --Survey

Here it is, for those who think Net divides those divided in the age of television!

15 October 2008

A very nice presentation on global financial crisis and India

The Financial Crisis and India

From: pjain, 3 days ago

The Financial Crisis and India
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A quick and dirty presentation given at BarCamp Delhi on the financial crisis and it's potential impact on India

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13 October 2008

The Me Video: Musings on business journalism

In my long journalistic career, I usually have been on the side asking questions, not on the one giving (or pretending to give) answers. But there are exceptions in these strange times.
I was interviewed -- sort of -- last week, by a most interesting blog called Murali Listening.
I was on a visit to Chennai, and ended up as a guest in the office D. Murali, who is Deputy Editor at The Hindu Business Line. Murali, I am told, has one guest a day, to whom he shoots gentle but probing questions and records the responses on his Nokia N73. Believe me, over a period of time he has built quite a collection of stuff under "Food For Thought", and the blog runs like a TV channel.
I was fodder for his cannonball run, and fielded questions on business journalism.
I should have smiled more, but then, these are difficult times and those were difficult questions.
Here is the video link.

And then, I must add that Murali's blog is another proof on how theme-based blogs can blaze a new trail in the media.