27 July 2005

Mumbai Live: Washed out by Kargil !!

NDTV's nightly show on the financial capital should logically have freaked out on the rains that lashed Mumbai and paralysed the city. But the Maximum City headed for Minimum Coverage at the usual appointed hour.
Mumbai Live was washed out by an anniversary programme on the Kargil war. NDTV assiduously nurtures the army as a constituency of keen viewership, but it certainly raised an eyebrow (mine!) when I saw a rehash of the war when I wanted to see Aamchi Mumbai awash in the monsoons. A breaking news channel with a programme brand like "Mumbai Live" on a night when most of the city was huddled home watching TV, should probably have brought more of the city's floating and swimming troubles, one thought.
But Tiger Hill triumphed over the ditches of Mumbai. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that NDTV's own brand was solidly built during its coverage of the Kargil conflict.
Was that a debt of gratitude or intertia at work?

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