21 July 2005

Abandoned daughters, moving stories

Channel 7, the sleekly branded Hindi news outfit from the Jagran group, had a nice human interest story last night about a woman, Shweta Bhandari, who was apparently abandoned by her biological parents (because she was a girl!) and brought up by an uncle. Married, and 29 years old, she is now fighting for recognition by her parents, but they--even the mother- are turning away still, even holding out veiled threats, she said.
It was fascinating to see this story just a day after the History Channel broadcast a biography of Hollywood star Clark Gable, whose illegitimate daughter Judith Lewis spoke of how her father had met her only once, and even stayed away from her wedding despite being invited. Gable, famous for his role in "Gone With The Wind" had thrown his discretion often to the winds in a series of affairs which would make our own Raj Kapoor or Gemini Ganesan look like amateurs in serial romancing. Judith Lewis's mother was actress Loretta Young who died in an air crash.
Channel 7's story was right on the pulse as a moving human interest story but it did not seem to have contacted Shweta's mother. But such stories are welcome.
The channel's anchors are impressive in a dignified way, especially the crisp, earnest-sounding Monica Kshatriya, earlier a familiar face on Aajtak.


Anonymous said...

i've a problem with this post of urs: this cannot be called a channel 7 story. afp was the one to break the story, it was splashed all over in delhi papers, and then probably channel 7 did a rehash.

this is one problem i find most irritating: when u'r doing a rehash, let it be known as a rehash, not an EXCLUSIVE! and i can tell u, almost half of the so-called exclusives in ur dailies / new schannels are straight lifts from other stories.

a pity that we still call ourselves a free / fair press...


Indian Media Notes said...

thanks for the info. i didnt see the story in any other channel or newspaper. But in this case, to be fair to the channel, it did not claim the story to be exclusive.

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