13 September 2005

Are multiplexes headed for trouble?

Just guessing.
BenQ has a digital projector available at 49,000 rupees.
DVD players are available, with home theatre included for around 4000-8000 rupees.
Rent a hall, call friends, watch movies. Buy the popcorn on home delivery.
More important, I think the laws will change eventually to permit smaller theatres for movies...and the distribution model will change drastically.
Maybe you heard it here first.

The Chewing Gum Reports: When stories fall short

I am looking hard for solid details on the Advani-Khurana drama in the BJP, but the press falls short. I mean, here is a rare occasion where the President of the BJP, and the man he is supposed to have differences with but rarely in a direct conflict, are in a clear difference of opinion. Atal Behari Vajpayee was tut-tutting at the expulsion of Madan Lal Khurana from the party and Advani was clever enough to say on Sunday that he will not answer questions from the media..now, that is a great chance to interpret the conflict between the two Great Leaders of the BJP..but has the media risen to the occasion? Am not very sure..but not clear either, as I have been skipping some TV and papers lately. If you came across some good story, tell me about it.

7 September 2005

Bad taste: Now on your TV screens

Here is a piece on how the madness to attract eyeballs is making the media mix good business with very bad taste. Only public awareness and protests can check this. Such practices usually arise from poor imagination and innovation in media companies.