14 July 2005

Gushhhhhh! Page 3 story gets a Page 3 touch

Madhur Bhandarkar's Page Three has won 3 national awards for his slickly sarcastic portrayal of Bombay's hip-n-happening parties. Headlines Today's entertainment reporter probably thought it fit that her reaction interview with the director must resemble a scene from the movie itself.
In between gush-gush-gushing about the awards that he won, she managed to smuggle in a question (Did you expect this?) and he managed an answer (I knew it had good ingredients...). But 3-5 minutes of airtime was largely spent in giggles and gushes, and the reporter finally thrust a laddu, not the mike, on to the director's mouth as she said:"This would be the first of your many sweets!"
Aah, the dubious charms of feelgood journalism!

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