16 July 2005

The Education Game--Is anybody keeping scores?

Outlook magazine has disowned the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (Planman) from its rankings of business schools, and has taken an ad to that effect. It says Planman is using its 2003 slot to advertise itself, conveniently ignoring a later survey, and also that it did not disclose facts properly to enable proper ranking.
This comes on top of Tehelka's revealing story on the Amity group and its founders, questioning their credibility to run an educational empire.
It is quite clear that India's booming education industry deserves a hard look from journalists. Most leading newspapers carry education supplements but most of the articles are yawn material. ("What to wear on your interview? "or"21 ways to clear the GMAT.".. stuff like that).
When parents pay huge sums to get their students into mushrooming schools and colleges, and some even take loans, it makes sense for the media to take a hard look.
We are quite sure publishers would love that, given the war to woo the young demographic.

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