27 September 2012

The Decline and Slide of Indian Journalism

This piece must be the best thing to have happened to Indian journalism in a long time. Incisive, well-researched and hilarious in parts, there is a movie in this! http://thehoot.org/web/home/commentview.php?sid=6330§ionId=5&mod=1&pg=1&valid=true

28 August 2012

Cracking the uneasy relationship between PR and journalism

Public Relations and journalism are a feted pair -- condemned and glorified in a love-hate relationship of many dimensions. Here is an interview that Image Management, a website did with me in which I have tried to explain the many dimensions of the relationship.

25 April 2012

Six rules to harness content

Here is a presentation video of my talk at the India Social Summit in April 2012