16 July 2007

BBC goes a-podcasting!

So, even the venerable BBC goes a-podcasting! It has launched a site (www.bbcaudiozone.com) for secure downloads of radio and broadcast content. It only hastens the end of prime-time. Increasingly, media will be about content, not where and when you consume it! In order to get the essence of this, think about the fact that for the better part of the 20th century, the broadcast media was largely about listening or watching something at the convenience of the broadcaster, not the consumer. The change in rules has tremendous implications for advertisers and content pricing.
Here is the link and the story is pasted below that.


MUMBAI: BBC Worldwide has announced that its division BBC Audio has launched BBC Audio Zone, a BBC audio content download site through Audible.co.uk.

BBC Audio Zone (www.bbcaudiozone.com) will allow users to sample, purchase and download most of the company’s spoken-word audio in a fast and secure way.

Users can download their favourites onto their iPod, MP3 player, mobile phone, or even burn CDs.

The site offers more than 1400 BBC Audio titles, including well-known comedy talents from the past, like Around the Horne and Tony Hancock, to the present, such as Little Britain and Mitchell and Webb. The range of unabridged and dramatised audio books includes complete works from Alan Bennett, Michael Palin and Phillip Pullman alongside selected old favourites from Douglas Adams. Customers will also see a list of categories such as crime and thrillers, children's classic fiction and self-development amongst others, so they can easily be directed to their favourite genre.

As part of the launch, three major online magazines; radiotimes.com, topgear.com and bbcgoodfood.com will all feature direct links to BBC Audio Zone, guiding their readers to the download site.

In addition, the new BBC Audio Zone will be highlighted on Audible's home page and a click on the link will take the consumer straight to the BBC Audiobooks' 'shop' which will feature an Editor's Pick, new releases and the top 20 bestsellers.

11 July 2007

Promethus Unboxed!!

Amazon and Tivo are now selling TV shows.

Here are some straws in the wind....

1) Your content can come as a video podcast and travel wirelessly to your television or Media Centre PCs

2) New TV and audio systems go beyond MP3 compatibility to offer USB access

3) USB drives and iPod memories get bigger

4) Home projectors are getting cheaper, home theatres can be bought for a song

5) PC screens are getting cheaper, cooler, better.

Add all that up, and you know the Long Tail is getting longer. Are media buyers listening?

When television meets the Net, Joost happens...

I have said in the past that television is heading for death. I actually mean prime-time..here is more proof, from a company that now supports TV, but effectively takes us one step further in its own way to make the Net closer to killing prime-time, although the current business model is built around good ole TV.
Check this link out..