6 June 2008

YouTube closes in on TV market mechanics-- Are you listening, media buyers?

Here is one more development in my long chain of predictions to the effect that prime-time based viewing will give way for podcasts...a bit like newspaper magazine sections stealing a march over other periodicals. And also, this is a crucial development for marketers and media buyers who determine the way advertising budgets are spent.
YouTube has come up with more ways to measure who is watching its uploaded videos. When media buyers can measure who is watching what, it is much easier to load ads that go with the videos.
If this data is test-driven, I will not be surprised if online video steals a clear march over TV in attracting ads.
Here is the link to the official Google blog entry.


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Jack Wojcicki said...

This is great news. The need for understanding precisely who uses youtube and podcasts will not only allow for more accurate decision making, but also give marketers a degree of accountability (see Richard Willingham’s series of blogs on professional accountability at http://www.motumb2b.com/index.php?mode=why&page=articles ). This has served the print media very well over the years. Do you have any idea how this kind of 'audit' will be done? (The link provided didn't work.) I'm curious because we've been involved in something called Buy Safe Media – www.buysafemedi.com – and it would be interesting to compare methodologies.