18 June 2008

After IT crorepatis, digital ad crorepatis are here...

The digital ad business is going places -- and so are the people that make it happen. Here comes news that Quasar Media, incubated by Smile Interactive, has created seven crorepatis (For the uninitiated from outside India, that means those who earned more than 10 million rupees -- about $250,000 -- great money in India). The money comes from selling 75 per cent in the company to global giant WPP and early shareholders in the startup gained a lot, it seems.
Hmmm, that's neat money for Indian budgets, and also a nice sign that startup success is travelling outside the tech domain, though it must be said that this is technology-driven ad biz that we are talking about.
In the past, it is technology and softtware companies that spawned crorepatis, as companies like Infosys and iflex went public.
I think public recognition of the kind of money the staff made is also a nice way of luring scarce talent into the startup environment. Otherwise, people who do not make that kind of money are not the kind that talk about it.
Now, what does all this mean for content companies? I wonder.


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