10 August 2005

When the PM gently weeps...

The Economic Times reports in a dramatic lead that Manmohan Singh wants out.
Seems the prime minister feels lonely in the Congress benches, with party people not supporting his reformist measures enough, and sounding more like the Left parties...(With friends like that...).
Great story, I thought (by Girish Kuber).
One, it says Mr. Singh expressed his tiredness and frustration in several meetings, sort of proving that the story was on strong ground. And then, the story also manages a nice quote from Mr. Singh's spokesman, which does not amount to a denial: "I don't want to talk to you on this issue!"
(I noticed that the PM's spokesman is a former editor of the reporter who wrote the fine story!).
I wonder how all the leading lights of the capital's news brigade missed this stuff if Mr.Singh indeed so frustrated. They must have been on cha-biscuits at PIB!
Sometimes, such stories are "planted" to build public opinion or score small political points. But, when there is merit in the back-up facts, the stories manage to break new ground. I suspect this one does.
(P.S.--The story has since been denied officially by the Congress, but it still seems on solid ground...a plant of sorts, but relevant to reflect the PM's mood)

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