22 August 2005

Baa, Bahu and the Maturing of The Indian Soap

Good news for Ekta-bashers!
Star Plus's new soap, "Baa Bahu and Baby," may be changing the rules of Indian soap. Shrewdly positioned to seamlessly start at the end of Kaun Banega Crorepati II on weekends, the show about a somewhat middle class business family from Gujarat has literary shades, discusses work ethics and simple values, eschewing Ekta Kapoor's formula of Conspiring and Scheming women in a tug-of-war for men's hearts and purses, loaded in the umpteen K serials. At the very least, Baa speaks of variety in TV serials, and at the most, it could mean a maturing of the soap in India to include some shades of realism and a plumbing down of the market to include the less than industrialist khandaans. We would love to watch the TRPs on this one!

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