8 August 2005

Peter Jennings, R.I.P.: Amitabh of anchors

I have fond personal memories of seeing Peter Jennings, the ABC anchor who has just died.
Those were the days when India had no cable TV or news channels, and colour had just visited television. And, I would visit the American Center every week to watch weeks-old videotapes of ABC news, broadcast one day of the week, I don't remember which. The joy of watching real TV news, complete with a suave anchor, was then sheer magic in a nation where Doordarshan was dull and drab. I do miss those DD anchors, for reasons of nostalgia more than professional liking.
But Peter Jennings was like Amitabh Bachchan, with a wonderful mix of what I call American ease and British dignity (I learn he is Canadian, and that might figure!).
I did not much fancy the ABC news selection, which focused too much on the then usual U.S.-centric obsessions like the Cold War and Cuba. But it was all worth it to watch Jennings, finely dressed, elegantly curt, with a chiselled face and wonderful voice.
Here is the story of his passing. Am glad to know that he died in peace, having lived a full life.


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