4 August 2005

Business vs Media: Self vs Reliance

I was wondering why NDTV was going overboard covering Mukesh Ambani's shareholder meeting speech last night at 9 p.m. (when it usually covers not business but diplomacy, Bihar or the shenanigans of the Sangh Parivar!). The answer came in this story, involving a ban on NDTV by Anil Ambani from his post-AGM news conference earlier in the day.

The story shows NDTV responsibly used a wire agency story to serve its viewers, but it still begs the question as to why Mukesh should get so much prominence in its flagship general news channel, all of a sudden. (A big of divide-and-rule helps us get stories, I do confess!).
And the younger Ambani, nursing an empire that he just inherited, should perhaps learn from his late father, who he adores so much, how to gracefully bypass unpleasant confrontations with the media.
This Press vs Business clash is not new anywhere in the world. But both the media and the businesses concerned are perhaps better off handling things with a touch of class. That's easier said than done. So I am just doing some loud thinking today.
Take a look at this story involving the venerable Los Angeles Times and the auto giant General Motors, which suspended ads to the paper after its auto critic trashed its CEO (since then, peace has broken out!)

There used to be an old saying:"If it is good for GM, it is good for America."
And sometime in the 1990s, we heard "If it is good for Reliance, it must be good for India."
Strangely, both these big names are in less-than-excellent confrontation with the media!

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Hi M,

Sonali was with me at XIC. She is one of the craziest persons I have ever met. But I love her nevertheless.

It is the second time you have posted one of her articles on the net. First time was on ryze.