4 March 2010

They will pay for content online -- if it is good enough!

70 per cent of Indians are willing to pay for online content, although 90 per cent of Indians believe content should remain free on the Net in the future.
Quality is the key issue.
So says a survey by The Nielsen Company.
But what I find fascinating is that as much as 63 per cent of those surveyed said they will pay if the payment system is easy to use.
Eggzactkly, as a Bollywood line goes!
I feel it is absurd that people are willing to pay Rs. 30 a month for a caller tune, while a  month-long supply of a leading newspaper costs only around Rs. 50 to 70. Obviously, plenty of work can be done if content-wallahs (and wallis) get out of the Advertisment Fix
What I say is that it is a very 20th Century way of looking at things if we keep ads to be the main source of revenue. Payment methods are changing and electronic transmission alters the distribution dramatically for the better.
Plenty of implications there for business model changes.

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Chirag said...

The newspaper costs 50-70 bucks a month only because of the loads of ads in it.

An English newspaper in Thailand costs 30 Baht... a day.