18 February 2010

ABC of Indian Media-Advertising, Bollywood, Corporate Power

P. Sainath is a firebrand activist, and incidentally a journalist.
But he is understandably a spokesman for journalism and journalist issues these days, for good reasons
1) He is at The Hindu, which likes to discuss media-related issues on its pages, especially those that relate to ethics

2) As a methodical prodder passionate about rural and social issues, Sainath comes from the "development/activist" school of journalism, and is thoroughly disturbed by the trivialisation of many serious issues

3) He writes well, with a strong tendency to marshall facts and use telling phrases which can match any lawyer or public orator.

Here he is, arguing about how the Indian media is almost systematically being held to ransom by the superficial troika of advertising, movie glamour and corporate agenda. Good, essential reading for media watchers.


Prashant Singh said...

very nice indeed . trivialization =Telivisiation by the likes of India TV and Aaj Tak . Investigative journalism is in danger serious danger . A free press is considered to be fourth pillar of democracy but with they way things going these days there is a BIG Q mark on the strength of this pillar .

globalbabble said...

But the problem is - is anyone listening? More importantly, is anyone bothered by it?

Besides, what can people do short of boycotting some media? Which I have. I don't read the Times of India as a policy, and I don't watch any television. Better than consuming those media, getting a heartburn, bitching about it - and still filling in their coffers. They don't care what you think about them, only that you consume them.

Only a boycott of those media will improve their quality. (Though, I think the Times Group is so compromised that I will never have anything to do with its products.)