20 October 2008

The Net Is No Family Breaker --Survey

Here it is, for those who think Net divides those divided in the age of television!


sanjay mehra said...

The Net has created more ways to link up and keep up with our families even if they live far away. It is up to us to use that creativity. If we dont, well then it is not the fault of the Net, but us as usual.
But at the end of the day, it is about people and their hurts and happiness. That kind of divide or unity, net can neither create or break.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Interesting that you say that. I think the opinion is divided between two extremes. Yes the net allows me to read your views, which probably I would never have otherwise. yes the net allows me to put my view across to you. But it has also probably brought in the culture of searching and being satisfied with incomplete answers.