10 March 2015

Positive way to do media PR -- an example

I keep talking about how PR agencies and executives have become intrusive, often irrelevant and sometimes clueless.

I need to set the record right when I come across something that shows the opposite -- and therefore, I share below an email from a PR agency, blanking out the details of the person and company but setting up a template on the kind of engagement a busy journalist might just love. I doff my hat

Dear xxx Sir,

        Greetings from PR office of xxx - India's no.1 xxxxx

Purpose of this mail is to ask your permission to send news updates regarding our company, products and other activities. We would be delighted to associated with your media house. We will send only relevant news to you and maximum 1 update per week, we promise not to spam your inbox.  

xxx is a xx years young brand, Head quartered in xx;   zzzz employees;  xxx branch offices and bbb+ service centers across India.
You can see more details about the company here - (Link 1)

We deal in   xxxx
You can see more details about our product line here - xxxx

We would be happy to get in touch with you, contact details below.


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