4 October 2010

Exposing the expose - How media spin should be watched

So you think investigative journalism is cool? Or that a sting operation rocks?

The thing can be nasty and explode on your face - especially if you are not thorough. After Channel 7 -- the Australian TV channel -- "exposed" security flaws at the Commonwealth Games arrangements through a reporter's sting, its rival ABC exposed the expose by investigating the whole thing, and found it --in fact, proved it -- to be grossly dubious. Here is a brilliant video on the expose that exposed the expose.


BK Chowla, said...

Considering this, Indian media is still better and relatively not so bad.
Competition can kill but can also make one efficient.

Vishwanathan said...

You are such a shameless ass Madhavan. Can you not be original and name your blog other than "Media Watch" which is a total rip-off of the TV program of ABC. Shame on you copycat plagiarist

Madhavan said...

@viswanathan - My blog started five years ago, and I heard of the Australian MediaWatch only last month!
Even otherwise, please read the title, MediaWatch India which is specific to the country with an appropriate focus. We have Indian versions of Financial Times, Archies etc, well covered under trademark law.
Did you check with ABC to ascertain their dates and perspectives?

Paula said...

Cool and interesting advices. It was very nice to read this article.

Obi said...

Out of context:

sir, I have a question- How do you see Mr. Manu Joseph as journalist, writer, commentator?
i am curious to know if its only me who dislikes him.

thesentinelnode (Few days back the guy who didn't understand poetical allusions)

Madhavan said...

@Obi - He is a bright editor. Perhaps with some "attitude";-)

Obi said...

I agree. To prove himself in one of his piece, he actually goes on to say "Of course, its a generalisation but generalisation is a form of truth'; I wonder, someone, being a journalist of that 'fame', be so reckless in saying thing to that effect. Story doesn't end there but goes on for few more articles ahead.

Not so surprisingly, his website doesnt allow the reader to "comment", otherwise I would have been throwing fire somewhere else. :D

Unknown said...

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