17 August 2008

The Medium and the Massage

I have to say a lot, but I am saying very little. This blog has been silent for a week, not in spite of, but because of too much going on in my head. At work, yes -- and that took away my time. My computer was acting up both at home and work --- and that took away my convenience.
But more important, I attended a television awards seminar and function, visited a Hindi newspaper's swank office and chanced by the studio of a well-known channel to meet a friend. Yet, I have not found the time to pour out what I saw and felt.
Above all, I had this experience of an anonymous commenter saying this blogger was "full of yourself" -- which provoked thought -- even if I were to dismiss it as the ranting of a PR person upset over my criticism of her/his tribe (as the post was at the end of a caustic reference to PR)
Of course, this blog does reflect my view of things, but then, this was the right moment to pause. I need to figure out why people see "me" when I see an "it!".
I have learnt a lot writing this blog -- about readers, viewers, peers, partners, technology, Internet and myself.
I have been deeply disappointed -- but not surprised -- by the lack of numbers in comments but then this is because this is not a gossipy blog and it is not even newsy in the what's-in-it-for-me sense that most careerists seek out the media these days, irrespective of what career they are in.
Time was when the media was about a large, wide social interface, and time was when issues were discussed in a broader context.
The movement of this blog gives me a lot about what has changed.
I have also learnt hell of a lot about blogging itself -- and what it can mean to people of various kinds. To that extent, I see it as successful experiment.
No money, no ads, not even rah-rah comments by the dozens. But I still feel richer. There must be something to it.


Meera said...

Its a good thing that you blogged about that comment!

Blogs are supposed to be unedited versions of oneself and so they should be full of it!

Keep up the blogging!


Asal Tamil Penn said...

Ayyo, nasty comments aa? I always tell them to freeyavidu.

ViralV said...

Sir how u doing... I'm the mellu from jeypore... still working on mission critical, enterprise ready products, promising greater ROI :).

Hope you remember me. Was just browsing through and found your blog. Very interesting.

Madhavan said...

Many thanks, Meera and ATP, for your kind words of encouragement.
viralv--why does that sound familiar? I can't place you immediately but it does ring a bell...amnesia? senility?