19 August 2008

Kyunki Ekta bhi kabhi Murdoch ki thi?

I just remarked in an editorial meeting today: Wasn't that supplier's credit? In the world of manufacturing, a client helps a supplier with advance payment,like a loan. I suspect the stake that Star TV had in Balaji Telefilms, which has now been bought back is nothing but a smart loan disguised as an equity stake.
I may be overstating the case, but given the non-exclusive nature of Ekta Kapoor's soap factor (she will supply similar-sounding three-handkerchief weepies for anyone who kkkkkcares), it did not make strategic sense for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp to hang on. Content is increasingly outsourced to independent vendors, and Balaji and Star must have realised it all. But it must be said that the deal was good while it lasted. A soap queen was born and the frothy weepies gave market leadership to Star.
A Kool Kase of Kash-ing in and Kash-ing out?

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