5 May 2010

Is traditional journalism "useless"?

 Here is a piece that actually systematically lists the virtues of old journalism, and describing it as "useless".
I find it interesting, because it is written by an entrepreneur, not a journalist. His clear elaboration is welcome, but after going through it, I suddenly realised that something that is "useless" need not be "irrelevant".
Don't tell me people don't want credible, fair and lucid content.
My simple take is that journalism has moved one step back in order to be more relevant than ever before. In other words, the relevance has shifted to proving the same virtues all over again, but in an "open universe" that the Web and convergence enable.
You can't control the press or the editor, but over a period of time, by word of mouth and for sheer clarity, people will-- and in fact - do seek journalistic skills.
I experience that myself on both Facebook and Twitter, where I am like anyone, but get appreciated for journalistic skills. Some things don't change, though the circle might widen.


Nandinikakoti said...

M still in the learning process and what is taught in the theory, all the ethics and morals is good to gain marks.. our Professors would just end up saying one sentence each time a lesson on ethics ends--- 'Practically this doesn't happen'
So what happens practically? Media role is changing with each incident/accident..there is less of reporting and more of guess work. Each channel wants to give breaking news which makes them disclose things even before the law could reach for evidences. All these is interesting to view but how much help is done practically is hard to say. At the same time we are loosing on developmental news except for a few OR are there more of destructive happenings? There is a need to balance the system.

Sukhdeepak said...

Now a days we see a deterioration in
every field of life. Journalism is already affected by this. Editors write news just to please the politicians rather then real issues. Every channel wants to give breaking news first just to increase viewers on website.